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Welcome Prospective Vendors

The Links, Incorporated has established a Vendor Engagement Program for businesses or individuals desiring to sell goods and merchandise at The Links, Incorporated events, Area Conferences and National Assemblies. Only businesses or individuals that have applied and been approved through The Links, Incorporated Vendor Engagement Program will be eligible and permitted to sell at these occasions.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Vendor with The Links, Incorporated. This website contains the Application and Code of Conduct for General Merchandise Vendors and Brand Licensed Vendor applicants. Brand Licensed Vendors defined as those intending to produce merchandise bearing The Links, Incorporated's name, logo and identity marks. All The Links, Incorporated merchandise sold by a Brand Licensed Vendor MUST be approved by The Links, Incorporated.

Licensed or unlicensed vendors selling unapproved merchandise with The Links, Incorporated's name, logo and other identity marks will have their certification terminated and will be subject to legal action.

All prospective vendors will be required to submit to a thorough review process to ensure that their business practices and products meet the requirements and high standards of The Links, Incorporated. All approved vendors will be held to a strict Vendor Code of Conduct. The purpose of granting licenses to vendors and having a Brand Licensed Vendor designation is to protect The Links, Incorporated trademarks from unauthorized use and control the quality of the merchandise bearing the organization's name, logo or emblems.

Please note that certifying as a vendor with The Links, Incorporated does not guarantee you a booth at any event or Area Conference or National Assembly.

Vendors are not allowed to display or offer for sale counterfeit goods at events sponsored by The Links, Incorporated. This includes counterfeit clothes, shoes, jewelry and handbags that infringe upon the trademark rights of a third party. Counterfeit goods (sometimes referred to as "knock-offs") are items containing marks identical to a protected trademark or a mark that is so similar in its essential aspects that it cannot be distinguished from a protected trademark. Any vendor that attempts to offer for sale such items will be immediately asked to remove such items from sale and may forfeit the opportunity to be a vendor at future events sponsored by The Links, Incorporated .

Vendor Code of Conduct

The Links, Incorporated has established a Vendor Code of Conduct which reflects our own high standards and commitment to integrity. It establishes a minimum set of expectations for our vendors. All Brand Licensed and General Merchandise Vendors are required to comply with this Code of Conduct and will be required to sign a Code of Conduct Agreement that will govern their behavior throughout the biennium. The Links, Incorporated may require the immediate removal from the Vendor Engagement Program and termination of licenses of any vendor or their representatives who behave in a manner that is unlawful or inconsistent with this Code of Conduct.

  • Vendors are required to act in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Vendors are required to respect and protect the intellectual property rights of The Links, Incorporated and responsibly use the brand assets of The Links, Incorporated.

  • Vendors will refrain from any behavior that interferes with the rights and selling opportunities of other vendors and will not utilize loud music, pungent odors or perfumes while setting up their booths or throughout the event.

  • Vendors will conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner towards the members and staff of The Links, Incorporated, other vendors and the public.

  • Vendors shall operate with superior customer service business practices at all times, as upheld by The Links, Incorporated organization and brand standards.

  • Vendors will avoid the appearance of, or actual, improprieties or conflicts of interest.

  • Vendors shall not sublet booths and will maintain booths in a presentable, professional manner, and shall only display and offer for sale merchandise that is appropriate for a family friendly venue.

  • Vendors shall only sell authentic and legally produced or manufactured merchandise.

  • Vendors must dress in appropriate business or business casual attire during hours when vendor halls are open, or events are taking place. Only vendors who are members of The Links, Incorporated are permitted to wear The Links, Incorporated branded merchandise.

  • Vendors shall respect and adhere to opening and closing hours of vendor halls and The Links, Incorporated events.

  • Vendors shall display proof of Brand Licensed Vendor status or General Merchandise Vendor status at all times while vending at events.

The standards of conduct described in this Vendor Code of Conduct are critical to the ongoing success of The Links, Incorporated's relationship with our vendors. To report questionable behavior or a possible violation of this Vendor Code of Conduct, vendors are encouraged to work with the Vendor Coordinator at The Links, Incorporated National Headquarters to resolve the concern.

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The Links, Incorporated is an international, not-for-profit corporation, established in 1946. It is one of the nation's oldest and largest volunteer service organizations.

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